Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Ultrasound

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I had an ultrasound yesterday. They checked my thyroids. It does not hurt at all and it is really easy. All you have to do is lay down and turn your head one way or another when they tell you to. First they put gel on you. Then they take the machine and put it on the gel. The machine is like an exray that goes through your skin but it sees the inside of your body not just bones. Sometimes I fall asleep like I did yesterday. So if you have to get an ultrasound don't be scared.


  1. You sure are an interesting guy. I thought you had a very ticklish neck? Your advice to not be scared of ultrasounds is good to know. Thanks, Debba

  2. Gavin, I had a similar procedure done on my heart. They put the gel on my chest (it was cold) and used the ultrasound to check my heart. They had a monitor right next to me so I could see the images, it was really cool. But when they were moving the ultrasound device on the gel it tickled and I almost started laughing. You are right it didn't hurt and you shouldn't be scared. Thanks for posting on your blog, I enjoy reading your posts.


  3. I have never had one before, Gavin. It sounds like it should be OK if I do have to have one. You are very brave to go through that. Have you thought about becoming a doctor when you're older?