Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio

I went to Fort Sam Houston on June 22, 2013. The drive to San Antonio from Chicago took 17 hours and I slept for about half of them. When we went to Fort Sam we couldn’t find the entrance so we had to drive around to find it. We found an entrance and then we went through security. Then we got lost trying to find the museum inside Fort Sam. After we found the museum we went in and we saw people with gas masks and other artifacts. The lady in charge of the museum told me about where my great-grandfather would have been when he was there and gave me a patch. My godfather, Uncle Phil, did his reserve training there. We saw lots of cool things like a helicopter, a tank, 4 cannons, 2 jeeps, and an antiaircraft gun.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tower of the Americas

Our last day in San Antonio we went to the Tower of the Americas. When we went up the elevator my ears popped a lot! The tower is 622 feet tall and it is the third tallest freestanding building in the U.S.A. My grandma and I ate at a spinning restaurant. When we were there we shared a slice of cheesecake. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Alamo

I went to the Alamo when I was in San Antonio. My grandma and I had to stand in line to get in. Once we got in it was big and hot. The church was tall, big and kind of beat up, not like a normal church. An example of how it was beat up was that there were smalls dents in the ceiling. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My First ISAT

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The ISAT stands for Illinois Standard Achievement Test. The ISATs are in March and 3rd through 8th graders in Illinois take them. The test is a really really really big book that you have to tear a seal to just take one section of the 6 sections. Tearing the seal takes a really long time because you have to tear it slowly and not rip any of the pages in that section. 

I took ISATs for the first time ever today. They don't take that long because you have 45-minutes to answer about 30 and 34 questions. Today I took math section 1 and reading section 1. All of the questions today were multiple choice, but tomorrow I will have one writing for math and one writing for reading. They are extended response questions. An extended response is where you write about a reading or a problem you answered in math. I think that the ISATs are really but reading extended response might be a little challenging for me.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Making a Lego Video

I made this video with Star Wars Legos and my mom helped me setup a scene. I used the iPad and a stop motion app. Making this video was fun but very hard. The claymation video I made in San Francisco was easier than this video bcause you have more traction with clay than plastic. Next time I want to use a green screen.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

I'm running for president!

My name is Gavin and I believe that I should be your next president. I am agood leader and role model who is responsible and trustworthy. I am a good listener and I work well with others. I think that everyone’s ideas should be heard, everyone should get treated equally and we should all work together.
In karate I volunteer to help younger students and I am a role model for them. Also, I am a leader in my karate class. That experience makes me think I would be a good president because I know how it feels to be a leader.
At home I have chores every week that have helped me to become responsible. I don’t lie about things so that makes me trustworthy. I am a good listener because I listen to everything that people tell me. I work well in groups with many people, like when I played on a soccer team.
I think that everyone’s ideas should be heard through a suggestion box. Many different people have many different ideas. If we hear other peoples ideas they might have one that we haven’t thought of. This will make us better.
All people are important and so I think that everyone should be treated equally. It shouldn’t matter where you live, what you look like, or if you are a boy or girl.
Because I work well with other groups I think that it should be easy to work together with the other branches of government. If we work together we can get what is best for our citizens.
I think I have what it takes to be president because I am responsible, trustworthy, a good listener, I work well with others and I am good leader and role model. Vote for me if you want to be treated equally, have your ideas heard, and want  your leaders to work together for you.