Saturday, March 2, 2013

I'm running for president!

My name is Gavin and I believe that I should be your next president. I am agood leader and role model who is responsible and trustworthy. I am a good listener and I work well with others. I think that everyone’s ideas should be heard, everyone should get treated equally and we should all work together.
In karate I volunteer to help younger students and I am a role model for them. Also, I am a leader in my karate class. That experience makes me think I would be a good president because I know how it feels to be a leader.
At home I have chores every week that have helped me to become responsible. I don’t lie about things so that makes me trustworthy. I am a good listener because I listen to everything that people tell me. I work well in groups with many people, like when I played on a soccer team.
I think that everyone’s ideas should be heard through a suggestion box. Many different people have many different ideas. If we hear other peoples ideas they might have one that we haven’t thought of. This will make us better.
All people are important and so I think that everyone should be treated equally. It shouldn’t matter where you live, what you look like, or if you are a boy or girl.
Because I work well with other groups I think that it should be easy to work together with the other branches of government. If we work together we can get what is best for our citizens.
I think I have what it takes to be president because I am responsible, trustworthy, a good listener, I work well with others and I am good leader and role model. Vote for me if you want to be treated equally, have your ideas heard, and want  your leaders to work together for you.