Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My First ISAT

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The ISAT stands for Illinois Standard Achievement Test. The ISATs are in March and 3rd through 8th graders in Illinois take them. The test is a really really really big book that you have to tear a seal to just take one section of the 6 sections. Tearing the seal takes a really long time because you have to tear it slowly and not rip any of the pages in that section. 

I took ISATs for the first time ever today. They don't take that long because you have 45-minutes to answer about 30 and 34 questions. Today I took math section 1 and reading section 1. All of the questions today were multiple choice, but tomorrow I will have one writing for math and one writing for reading. They are extended response questions. An extended response is where you write about a reading or a problem you answered in math. I think that the ISATs are really but reading extended response might be a little challenging for me.


  1. Good luck, Gavin. You are a very good writer so you'll ace your extended response tomorrow!

    1. Thanks Nicole I have to go to bed right now