Thursday, July 3, 2014

My Uncle Phil

My Uncle Phil is my Godfather, he is very very smart. When I was younger Uncle Phil used to take me to karate, out for dinner, and then sometimes we would watch the Three Stooges together. When we went to dinner he would always try to steal my french fries so I would have to cover my plate with my hand to protect them. One time he took me to the Ostoff Hotel and we got to ride a boat and play on the beach. For the past couple years we have run a few 5k races together. I am lucky he is my godfather and I love him a lot.


  1. How lucky you are! It is so wonderful to have family and people like your Uncle Phil to do special things with us and fill our hearts with such awesome memories! I am sure he loves you a ton!

  2. Thank you, and yes he does love me.

  3. YOU HAVE AN UNCLE PHIL?!?!? When I was your age, there was a show called The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air that I LOVED! How cool for you that you get to spend so much time with him! And running a 5K at your age??? Wow. you're very inspiring Gavin!